Xariva Ventures

Bringing start-ups, corporates and investors together
to successfully scale new technologies.

Start-Ups are great at coming up with new technologies and large companies know how to scale successfully.  

Xariva Ventures facilitates partnerships between start-ups,  corporates & investors by providing scouting, coaching & funding


Start Ups

Coaching & Development

We help you build a solid business plan, find solutions for any road blocks and make sure your business is heading in the best possible direction.

Sales & Marketing

We advise you on sales and marketing to get your product/services well established in the market, progressing your start up from an idea to a successful business.

Funding & Investment

We partner you with Investors, so that they provide funding to help you develop your business.



Scouting & Coaching

We partner you with the right start ups to expand your investment portfolio successfully.


"The collaboration on a personal level, along with Xariva's entrepreneurial experience and market understanding are an essential part of our investment."
"It is important to have a partner who understands our market, technology and Start Ups. Xariva is that partner for us."
"In partnering with Xariva, we had an exceptional partner in scaling our company. Xariva provided us with unique insights from inception through all phases of growth."
"Xariva's team combines extensive background in entrepreneurship and industry and they focus on partnering with entrepreneurs to build great businesses."
"We were really lucky to have Xariva as a partner. They are focused on the business and entrepreneurial issues, rather than purely financial topics."
"Building companies is hard. Xariva understands this and provides the necessary guidance. Their team, including the founders, is committed to putting their expertise, support and network, to work for both founders and corporates."
"Xariva's team is not comprised of passive financiers. They partner with very few companies. When they do, they roll up their sleeves and get to work helping with strategy, recruiting and customer acquisitions."
"Both on a personal level and as an entrepreneurial partner, Xariva is a perfect match."
"A partnership of equality that worked collaboratively, both globally and locally."

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Xariva Ventures
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Xariva Ventures
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Xariva Ventures

Bringing start-ups, corporates and investors together 
to successfully scale new technologies.

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